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These terms and conditions apply to all purchases made from Professional Computer Solutions, ABN 70-533-747-080.

The following provisions will apply in respect of the return of Products by the Customer to Professional Computer Solutions in accordance with clause 2 of the Customer Terms & Conditions:

1.       Returns procedure

1.1    When returning Products for credit, Customers must contact Professional Computer Solutions's Returns Dept by e-mail, phone or fax.

1.2    The Customer must supply:                                                                                                             
a) the date of purchase of the Products and the Professional Computer Solutions invoice for the Products .

1.3    Once the Product has been identified, the customer will be issued with instructions on how to return the goods.

1.4    All inward freight will be the responsibility of the Customer. Professional Computer Solutions will not cover the cost of freight on returned Products and will not accept responsibility for any damage or loss suffered by the Customer.

1.5    If proof of purchase is required by Professional Computer Solutions, a copy of the Professional Computer Solutions sales invoice must be provided prior to a credit or replacement Product being dispatched. 

1.6    If the Product cannot be identified, or if the returned Product does not match the paperwork issued by Professional Computer Solutions in terms of either quantity or Professional Computer Solutions Product number, Professional Computer Solutions may reject the returned Product and return it to the Customer, at the Customer's expense.

2.       Products sold on a `No Returns Basis'

2.1.    Professional Computer Solutions is entitled to supply certain Products on a 'No Returns Basis'.

2.2.    The expression 'No Returns Basis' means that Professional Computer Solutions will not accept returns on No Fault Products.

2.3.    The Customer should refer to the Professional Computer Solutions quote or invoice for details of products which are sold on a No Returns Basis.

2.4.    To the extent permitted by law, Professional Computer Solutions reserves the right to apply the No Returns Basis policy to any promotional or sale product(s) as it deems necessary. Professional Computer Solutions will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure such Products are clearly advertised and promoted as being sold only on a No Returns Basis.