The Wind in His Heart Book Cover The Wind in His Heart
Charles de Lint
Triskell Press
19th September 2017

De Lint's first adult fantasy novel in 8 years weaves a rich tapestry of story with classic CdL elegance. Young Thomas Corn Eyes sees into the otherworld, but all he wants to do is get off the rez. Steve Cole escaped from his rock star life to disappear into the desert and mountains. Fifteen-year-old barrio kid Sadie Higgins has been discarded once too often. Blogger Leah Hardin needs to leave Newford, come to terms with the loss of her best friend, and actually engage with her life. When these lives collide in the Hierro Maderas Mountains, they must struggle to escape their messy pasts and find a way to carve a future for themselves.
They don’t just have to learn how to survive. They have to learn how to fly.

Oh No, what now? I tend to find a book I love by an author I have never read before and then bring read. I haven’t read all of Charles de Lint’s work but most of it.

So on two levels what to read next and how to follow this book. I loved the stories and the characters and the way that it all winds along on different paths and then merges.

I will miss Steve, Morago, Aggie, Thomas, Calico, Reuben, Ruby, Leah and all of the other characters.

This story hits on a personal note for me as I see many of the changes I am going through echoed here, particularly by Steve.

I finished reading 3 minutes ago and my first thought was, “how can I ever write something as brilliant as that”, followed closely by, “everything I write has merit and value”.

I’m looking for that place in the desert to be.

Thanks Charles