Coming Clean Book Cover Coming Clean
Leonard Ottone
Biography & Autobiography
November 17, 2016

At 14, Leonard Ottone became a ward of the state. At 28 he learned how to read and write from fellow inmates at Pentridge Prison. During years of therapy he gained insight into his addictions and criminal behaviour. And now he is coming clean to readers of this raw and brutal account of redemption


I read Leonard’s book in two sittings, could not put it down. What a gutsy raw and courageous book you have written. I have known Leonard for nearly 13 years and am also a drug addict in recovery. We come from different countries, different backgrounds and still there are so many similarities. I am certain other addicts will recognise their own addict voice in Leonards story and the insanity of doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.

Leonard’s portrays his journey across countries and across time from a three year old until now and is a walk through both the hell of addiction and the heaven of recovery and life, being alive.

Coming Clean lends credence to that truth, ‘there is always hope’. The book is well thought out and written and I can hear Leonards voice as I turn the pages. For those peeking out from active addiction, works like this are gold, easy to access and written so we get it. It was great for me as well, pulls me up and makes me look at what’s important in my life. Like Leonard that is family first.

Someone said that the book made them laugh and cry and it took me there as well. Walking through Leonard’s journey was also a walk through my own.

Thanks Leonard, it was a privilege to read and review your book and I am looking forward to more. You have inspired me to finish editing my book, ‘Another Day’ and get it published. I know you will keep doing the great work with Vicdor

This book is a great read and a must for addicts and for all of those around them.

Kevin Bergin